Development of the terms of reference for the software

From the SD Consulting team: experts who have saved clients $2,500,000 in 10+ years in the industry

  • We will write a competent ToR for your developers to implement the project on time, within budget, and you will not waste time on constant supervision and revisions

According to a survey by ScienceSoft, 76% IT‑ of IT professionals said that the main reason for the difficulties and delays in software development...

Is the lack of a normal  ToR.
* Survey dated April 27, 2021, 9645 respondents were surveyed

Making ToR "on the spot"

  • Deadlines are constantly shifting

  • Developers do not understand what is required of them

  • The budget is bloated to no end

Without TOR, the project needs constant oversight, checking, adjusting tasks, etc. This is a waste of the owner's or CEO's time. This means a loss of money for the company.


Spare yourself the headache. Entrust the creation of TOR to professionals

We are SD Consulting
  • 30+
    Terms of Reference are drawn up
  • $2,5 m
    saved to customers
  • By 1,5-2 times
    The development process is accelerated when working with us
  • 32%
    This is how much, on average, customer turnover increases after working with us

The service of developing the Terms of Reference for the software includes:

  • Audit of the goals/objectives of the ToR
  • Collection and aggregation of all necessary information, decomposition of business processes
  • Formalization of the ToR in the form of UML-diagrams, text and technical description, prototypes
  • Transmission of a clear, understandable ToR to the customer in PDF format
  • In addition, the technical stack of technologies can be worked out

This service is needed if you find yourself in a situation where:

You are dependent on one developer or team. You are not satisfied with their work, but it is difficult to refuse, because they prescribe all the ToR and documentation for the software

The development process has been "stuck" in one of the stages for several weeks now. You demand results, the developers feed you tomorrow... And the project stands still.

You want to work with a strong development team, but they refuse to start without a clear, detailed ToR. You do not know how to make it by yourself

What does the finished ToR look like?

These are 2 examples of ToR structure for our clients

As a result, you get a large document, where each stage of the development process is described in detail and structured.

You submit these ToR to the experts and the process goes quickly, accurately and without the need for constant supervision on your part.

What clients say
about working with us

Vladimir Polinka, COO of

Ivan Kovpak, CEO&Co-founder of Ivan Kovpak, Senturia: "I lost $400,000, but I'm not bankrupt"

Dmitriy Kovpak, Co-founder

Ivan Kovpak, CEO&Co-founder

"Andrei, we didn't work with you long, but I have no remarks on your work."

Dmitrii Gik, CEO&Co-founder

"Andrei, with your appearance, everyone is actively involved in the work."

Dmitrii Khoroshavtsev, CEO of

Recommendations for implementation

  1. Switch to PostgreSQL – will speed up the service by 20-30% and reduce to zero service downtime due to load.
  2. Introduce autotests – will reduce the number of bugs and negativity from customers, reduce developer labor costs.
  3. Develop Terms of Reference (documentation for an existing project) – will reduce the risk of "misunderstanding" in the team between developers and managers.

Order the development of the ToR on a turnkey basis

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