For business owners and CEOs with turnover from $50,000/month

Evaluate the efficiency of your business IT infrastructure

Download the free checklist and find out:
  • How much $$$ you lose because of mistakes in the development management process

  • Where and how developers screw up, by working inefficiently

  • How to improve and speed up the development process, without firing half the team


The checklist will be useful if:

You see
That the development is stalled, but you can't understand why and would like to speed up the process by at least 2 times
You tired of
The fact that the price of development is constantly growing, but there is no result yet and you do not have enough tools to influence the development process
You are in pain.
From the fact that your developers simply left, dropping the project and you have a hard time finding new ones as they made a "shit code" and the business at this point is taking a loss
You are suffering
From frequent drops in IT infrastructure. You want to increase the volume (for example, the number of products on the site), but the infrastructure can not stand it and goes down

Get a free

In addition to the checklist, you have the opportunity to get a consultation with one of our IT infrastructure consultants

At the consultation we:

  • Make a preliminary analysis of the current situation in the IT infrastructure of your business

  • Identify the bottlenecks that hinder and lead to a constant increase in the cost of development process or IT subsystem failures

  • Make a plan of action, how to move the processes from the dead point, so that the work is done, deadlines are met, and everyone is happy.