Our services

Audit of the software development process

We will check the infrastructure, software and processes in the team to find out: where you can save money, and where you can get additional profit

Development of technical specifications for software

We will write out the TOR correctly so that you take into account all the nuances and risks when developing IT products

Migrating databases to PostgreSQL

We will transfer it to a modern system so that the databases work quickly and without interruptions

Migration of SaaS architecture to Symfony

We will transfer it to a modern and flexible framework for scaling your service

Fault-tolerant support
and refinement of Saas services

We will support and refine your SaaS service: speed up work, reduce costs, expand functionality

Software development process control

We will maintain and bring your product to release: help with Terms of Reference, control, progress and team

Recruitment of a team or developer

We will help you find responsible and suitable people for your tasks to the project or outsource

About the founder


  • 10+ years in software development
  • Consultant to a number of companies, including:,,,
  • Corporate mentor of employees of,,

SD Consulting Company experience


Years in
software development


This is how much, on average, the turnover of customers increases after working with us

Bugs and errors
have been fixed


was saved
to customers

Recommendations for implementation

  1. Switch to PostgreSQL — it will speed up the service by 20-30% and reduce the service drop due to load to 0.
  2. Introduce autotests — reduce the number of bugs and negativity from customers, reduce the cost of developers' work.
  3. Develop the Terms of Reference (documentation for an existing project) — it will reduce the risks of "misunderstanding" in the team between developers and managers.

Do you want to learn how to earn more with an efficient IT infrastructure?

Submit an audit request and find out where the business is losing money and where it can earn more