Audit of software development process and IT infrastructure

From the SD Consulting team: experts who have saved clients $2,500,000 in 10+ years in the industry

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  • We will check all processes, infrastructure and development team
  • We will suggest solutions to speed up the development process without stress and unnecessary involvement of the CEO/owner
  • We focus on the "bottlenecks" where you overpay or lose money

Audit Details

What it includes:

  • IT infrastructure audit
  • Audit of the code base and the entire history of product development
  • Audit of the software development workflow
  • Audit of the development team's substitutability
  • Audit of product documentation and tests
  • PDF report and Zoom-conference on the results of the audit with specific recommendations for implementation
  • From 7 business days

Audit results:

  • PDF report with a description of the problems found, suggestions for solutions and conclusions
  • Zoom-conference with the founder of SD Consulting and the consultants of the project to answer your questions


From 7 business days

An audit is necessary if you're tired of clutching your head in the following ways:

Developers named deadlines – developers rescheduled. It's been going around and around for months.

The development process is eating up more and more money, but the result is still not there

There is no clear system and no documentation of the software

You are afraid to delegate of development to someone else and spend a lot of nerve doing everything yourself

Constant failures, "falling" software. You're wasting time and money until it's fixed

If you are the owner or a top manager of a company and you feel that the software development/support process is inefficient...


You change development teams, you set strict deadlines, you control... but it's like fighting windmills.

You feel something is wrong, but you can't find THE problem you need to fix to make it work.

And this is exactly the case when you need an outsider's perspective.


As a result of the audit you get a detailed PDF report

This is a real-life example of an audit
for one of our clients

Also, we do a Zoom session with you

On which we:

  • Outline the current problems and "bottlenecks" of the development process
  • Point out the mistakes the team makes
  • Give recommendations applicable to your specific case (taking into account your budget, deadlines, team size, etc.)
  • Answers to all your questions

Thanks to the audit you will:


The problems in the development process that cannot be noted without an outside view


How to set up the process so that it does not require your constant supervision. And everything will be done on time and without inflated budgets.


Effective tools for controlling developers, without the stress and constant replacement of teams

The audit will be conducted by:


Founder of SD Consulting

  • 10+ years in software development
  • Worked in long-term consulting with a number of companies, including: Vitagramma,, Pokeroff, Awex, etc.
  • Helped clients save more than $2,500,000 by streamlining development processes and budgets
  • Corporate employee mentor of Hotline, Paymaxi, Acemountmedia

Your project is also being worked on by:

Responsible for IT‑infrastructure
Responsible for IT‑security

What clients say
about working with us

Vladimir Polinka, COO of

Ivan Kovpak, CEO&Co-founder of Ivan Kovpak, Senturia: "I lost $400,000, but I'm not bankrupt"

Dmitriy Kovpak, Co-founder

Ivan Kovpak, CEO&Co-founder

"Andrei, we didn't work with you long, but I have no remarks on your work."

Dmitrii Gik, CEO&Co-founder

"Andrei, with your appearance, everyone is actively involved in the work."

Dmitrii Khoroshavtsev, CEO of

Recommendations for mplementation

  1. Switch to PostgreSQL – will speed up the service by 20-30% and reduce to zero service downtime due to load.
  2. Introduce autotests – will reduce the number of bugs and negativity from customers, reduce developer labor costs.
  3. Develop Terms of Reference (documentation for an existing project) – will reduce the risk of "misunderstanding" in the team between developers and managers.

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