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Among our clients

Proactivity is the best way to both start and keep a business relevant

"In 2011, I started as a developer's assistant, worked from morning to evening, and studied literature and manuals at night. Did I think to give up everything for the first 3 months?! Almost every day. But came a clear understanding with progress — you just need to constantly work on yourself."

Andrey ,
Founder of SD Consulting

Expertise comes only with experience

Dozens of projects then provided the one you can't buy and draw on the website — experience and understanding of typical business problems. Like the owners who cannot find time for anything other than the operations. Like a startup with an estimated $7 million crumbles in terms of IT because the developers just left and abandoned the team.

When you approach the process from different sides, you can give more to the business

When we saw these problems and the lack of intelligent developers, we founded our own PHP School. For 5 years we have given a base for a successful career for 200+ people. At the same time, there were more and more requests for support and consulting in the IT infrastructure.

We have founded the company to help businesses fulfill their potential

Almost any modern company sooner or later comes up against the glass ceiling of the limitations of the IT infrastructure or its absence. So we founded the Software Development Consulting and assembled a team of people. Experts who help to make working with software, IT and modern solutions effective for business

Andrey ,
Founder of SD Consulting

Our team

Believes in an integrated approach to IT infrastructure and a business approach in any development


Founder CEO

Knows that cases, facts and customer success stories are always stronger than any advertising


Marketing specialist

Over 12 years of practice, I was convinced that the best asset of any business is talented people



And 13 more specialists in the team: developers, sysadmins, managers

The principles
we follow

Experience shows that success lies in the plane of approaches and goals beyond IT. This is common sense and faith in modern business

Business goals are always more important than any code

We solve the company's problem with the help of IT, and do not write code or develop software, as it seems to be true to the client

In order to be useful, you need to be clear

Therefore, we speak in a clear language, break everything into plans and stages, make both the process and the result predictable

Cooperation is always more effective than execution

We do not take on "everything in a row" and do not work with everyone in a row – this applies to both the team and customers. Eco-friendly and adequate relationships are important to us

There should always be more cases than promises

And never the other way around. The reputation and business of the client always remain a priority – because there is a first principle about goals, not technologies and approaches

We make sure that the company's IT products work for you and contribute to growth

  • 32%
    to the growth of turnover of companies after working with us
  • $2,5 million
    was saved for customers due to IT products
  • 10+
    years in business development
  • 37
    satisfied customers from 11 countries

Recommendations for implementation

  1. Switch to PostgreSQL – it will speed up the service by 20-30% and reduce the service drop due to load to 0.
  2. Introduce autotests – it will reduce the number of bugs and negativity from customers and reduce the cost of developers' work.
  3. Develop the Terms of Reference (documentation for an existing project) – it will reduce the risks of "misunderstanding" in the team between developers and managers.

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